About Annaboka

What is it? A customized book club for independent readers (Ages 8-14).

Annaboka helps your child explore the world of literature. By selecting a few books that you think the child would like, or ranking traits on the survey page, the Annaboka system will recommend 12 books, one for each month, and provide links to buy through Amazon. We've started the booklist at 300 titles, but it's growing every day by user contributions. Any book on Amazon in the reading range is an option. The purpose is to promote the world of literature in all of its different permutations- biographies, comic novels, poetry, and novels- and provide a rich self-guided syllabus for new readers.

How Is the Booklist Made?

Drop me an email on the Help Page, if you want full skinny. Briefly, we select all of the dominant traits the kid is interested in, then make a ratio of interests over the months (12). Look for books that score high in those dominant traits, and assign them to the slots- the months- in the year. Take into account the features of "books from my childhood," and "deleted books," and other aspects. DIamond in the Window

How Do You Access Amazon?

We're an affiliate of Amazon.com, and because they already have a great system for purchasing, we're just augmenting the search engine (providing cross-tab queries, scored traits, etc.) and the scheduled shipping feature.

How We Got Started

I've manually created 3 booklists the hard way, by researching my giftee's interests and finding titles, buying and shipping each week (so hard to remember to do it!) for a sister and two nieces. It was a lot of hard work. So, I decided to create an automatic system that will help people search bookstore databases for books that line up with their interests. Amazon frustrated me by having very simplistic categories, and then far too intuitive and nuanced searches. I wanted something in between, so I created this trait & scoring system.

It's free, because I get a 10% from Amazon and my costs are very low.

Why the name Annaboka?

It's hard to find a name that hasn't been taken! I'm of Swedish descent, and I liked the sound of the word. It's also very convenient as an Amazon partner to have a short word identifying your site.

Thanks, and Enjoy! You can contact me at anna@annaboka.com.

Anna, from Annaboka (Anna + Book, in Swedish)