How Do I Add a Book?

Members can enter in new titles whenever they want. To add a specific book to the booklist, you can search for the book and select it.

Who created these traits?

I did- but that's just to get people started. Members can create traits, and then they must score the books with those traits with it so that the trait appears in booklists and quizzes. After you create it, click on the trait and you will see books scored with that trait.

How do you determine what books show up in the Book Cover Survey?

Those are picked randomly, if they are heavily scored with a trait (over 5). Once you select a book in the easy survey, it shouldn't show up again.

I'm a kid- how do I send this to my parents?

On your home page, once you've answered enough quizzes, you'll see a "share booklist" link. Click that, and enter up to 3 email addresses. Select an email address, and we'll notify that adult that you have a booklist created. You have to have a real, verifiable email address to forward booklists. This is to prevent people from abusing the forwarding feature.